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May Daye is October Daye's twin sister. Sort of.

May is a Fetch. She was originally an omen of Toby's impending death, but then Toby didn't die, which is awesome, because May would've died with her.

If she's wearing a human disguise, May looks like a 30-something human woman with light skin, brown eyes, and brown hair. If she's not, May looks like an adult Dochas Sidhe changeling—so, basically the same as before, but with gray eyes and pointy ears. In all cases, she looks like Toby, but less bloody and rocking less leather. (There's a reason it's easer to explain May's existence by saying she and Toby are twins.)

In addition to sharing Toby's looks, she shares about fifty years of Toby's memories—including the shitty koi pond years—but from the moment May showed up on Toby's doorstep, they were their own women. She knows all the best and worst of her 'sister'... and somehow remains one of the friendliest, most optimistic people you'll meet in the Fae Kingdom of the Mists. Then again, if your entire existence literally hinged on someone else, wouldn't you want to forge your own path?

May is pureblooded Fae, giving her lots of handy abilities, like the ability to spin illusions and create protective wards. Because Fetches don't tend to stick around very long, nobody, including May herself is quite sure what the limits of her abilities are. If you come across her reciting song lyrics, and, assuming you have some affinity for magic, smell cotton candy and ashes, you've just caught May working a spell.

Do not under any circumstances ride in a vehicle May is driving, unless you're like Toby, and secretly want to die.

[May Day is from the October Day series and is the property of Seanan McGuire. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.]
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